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Marketing Tactics and Ideas for A Better Bottom Line


3 Marketing Tips That Yield Great Results

Marketing is mystified to some people only because of what they’ve read.

You’ll find tons of things that could work out well, but it’s always tough to know what really works. Nothing really can beat taking action and going with a little knowledge and just taking your beatings along the way. There are no secrets, but there’s a huge amount of knowledge out there that you probably don’t know about - yet.

It is important to work hard on your opt-in list so that you will be able to enjoy the rewards that are associated with list marketing. If you follow in the path of the online marketers and other (larger) businesses, you put your opt-in box in a really obvious spot so that everybody can see and, potentially, ignore it. Here are a few tests you can do today especially if you take the time to do them correctly. Sell your subscription and sell your optin giveaway; the freebie. When you do not know what this means, you should create the pre-sell copy for it or a brief sales letter for the two of them. Combine them into one piece of copy and see what happens. Then, skip the boring old opt-in box that everybody wants to see and put up a good little ad that is going to make people want to know more about the things that you’ve got to offer. Obviously this is an approach that you haven’t seen all that often.

Another interesting and overlooked area of performance is the website audit. Website audits are a legitimate service or function you can learn to perform, and any kind of audit means something along the lines of a thorough review. When you get a professional site audit, you can use that information to pick apart your site and put it back together the right way. It can be hard to spot things with our own sites because we’re lost among the trees. Of course if you are going to do this, then you need to find out what needs to be present in your website.

In the fall of 2012, you should expect to have to pay for listings for your products and for your product reviews, etc. At the time of this writing, that’s the state of affairs according to Google. But you already know that nothing stays the same forever, things could change tomorrow. But Google is well known for how well it handles the changes that it decides to make. At the same time, this isn’t the best situation for small businesses. Bigger corporations with bigger budgets are better able to absorb new costs.

At least you’ve got some time to get ready and to make the necessary adjustments in your marketing. Obviously you want your marketing to have as much diversity as it can so that you do not always depend upon Google.

Find something you like about marketing and then begin doing research into it. Subscribe to all the newsletters you can find on the topic because something will eventually cross your desk you didn’t know about. The thing you want to have is fun with this, and you should not do it if you’re unhappy.

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